whats the difference between a pile of dead babies and sand?

i dont eat sand. 



my wylla has returned to me.

but she’s probably the grossest human being I’ve ever seen.

Shut up Jerfrer

Also, I think we should kiss now.

But have u seen Joylla lately? :/

Sometimes I feel like I could bathe in wildfire but then I think mmmm better not.

my wylla has returned to me.

but she’s probably the grossest human being I’ve ever seen.


Yeah, like 4-5 months ago I used to be really, really dedicated to this blog. To the point where it was kind of strange? But also to the point where I actually threw my personal blog into the wind and whispered, “hope u get a fatal std and die forever you fucking bitch.” but alas things have changed.

It’s not that I no longer have time for this blog because by all means I *do*. I’m on my two other blogs most of the day because I am an eighteen year old who has no life, watches tv all day, but also creates wicked music beats by merely slapping her thighs. I just haven’t been able to get into this for months.

When I rejoined I had originally named this group Erebor so I could just simply seize it back. But yeah, I’m just not feeling ASOIAF anymore. Not really my thing like it used to be. So with this said, I may be quitting. I don’t really RP on here and I no longer do admin work so my presence is longer needed here. Kinda like in those movies where the badass but also old as fuck karate teacher comes to teach the clueless kid how to fight like a champ and then whispers “remember what I taught you, grasshopper” before he floats away into the vast lands when his work is finished. I’m the badass karate teacher and this group was the clueless kid whom I taught and trained every day using clever and wise techniques.

However, if I do choose to stay, which is pretty unlikely, it’s gonna take a WHOLE lot of work (that I’m too lazy to do lol rofl) to get back into this. So alas alack and thine hearts be content I guess.


-gossip girl


Anonymous asked: I want to put a smile on your face...


Anonymous asked: Your Grace, why you don't held on regards young Tommen? He seems a good lad.


Anonymous asked: Your whore mother had sex with your father Jaime!

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DAAAAAAAAAAAAANG whats up wit dis dead rpg

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Time to peace out and cry some more drink a galleon of bleach!!1


theironkraken replied to your post: In which I state something VERY important.

// omfg who, gurl? i must know for i am curious

ooc: omg I’ll send you a message so you can have a nice long laugh with me <3